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A blog? Really? Yup!

Let me start by welcoming you to my blog! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

I hope you find this space entertaining and helpful as I document my journey towards being a published author. You might be wondering, or not, why I'm starting a blog. Well, my current full time job requires me to talk for eight hours. With how quickly I take calls and problem solve each call I end up taking over a hundred calls, some days I take over a hundred and twenty calls, a day. Sum that up for five days and you might understand how my voice is suffering.

This weight leaves me with a hoarse voice and a sore throat every day I work and demands me not to talk during my days off to be able to go back the next day to do it all over again. Now this have turn into an obstacle for me to make my writing vlogs on YouTube and come to my stories on Instagram. Thankfully, I have this website which my initial intention is to have my own space in the interwebs and somewhere people could find general information about myself and my social media while I write towards my publishing goals.

Taking that into account it make sense to me to add a blog. This would be a great way to keep documenting my journey and still engage with writers and future readers within my own little corner of the internet.

So now that we are here what can you expect to see here?

Well, mostly weekly writing and maybe reading related updates. I don't know exactly when I will be posting right now, I'll be aiming for Saturdays but it depends on how much my full time schedule changes. It also depends if my client needs more of my time (I started a Virtual Assistant business at the end of June) or if I'm working on a project (client or my own) that is time sensitive and needs me to shuffle things around.

If there's any interest or questions about my Virtual Assistant business (experience, how I started, what I do, etc), I may make a few posts about that.

As of right now, the blog will be in English. If I manage to have my website both in English and Spanish then I will blog in Spanish too. It just a matter of me figure out how to make the entire website bilingual.

As I wrap up this introductory post I want to thank you for taking a couple of minutes to read this. Also thank you if you decide to stick around for future post by bookmarking my website or joining my newsletter (which I'm going to launch soon). I would love to hear from you what do you expect for future post or how's your week or month has been so far in the comment section.

Read ya on the next blog,



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