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A Writing Update

I promised this writing update back in August but I kept underestimating how much moving took out of my time and energy.

This is not going to be a long blog. If you have ever moved out I’m sure you know how tiring is. Doing this move back to Puerto Rico from Virginia mostly by myself was harder than I could ever imagine. It left me tired and overwhelmed most days and the writing wasn't happening that often.

I started drafting Millie’s book again in early August (when I was optimistic about being able to do it all since I wasn't working anymore) but soon after I stopped even opening my laptop. Still, my friends back in Virginia are helping me empty the last few things left in the apartment and I still have a few more things to do before handing it back but all of it I had to coordinate from Puerto Rico because I already left Virginia.

And glad that I did because countries are tightening the requirements and I’m sure I would have gotten even more overwhelmed if I had to do more things to prove it is safe for me to come back.

So now that I’m back with my family and in the sticky heat of Puerto Rico I’ve been able to charge my laptop and open it. I opened the Scrivener file last night (August 28th) and wrote a little over 1,200 words. I’m experimenting with rewards and relaxing times and also not restricting myself from working on fun writing projects to keep myself not only excited to write in general but keep the excitement to write Millie’s book.

That’s my writing update. I struggled for most of August but now that I’m back home and with a more clear vision of what I want for my life I am writing again and finding ways to keep myself motivated.

Tell me in the comments when writing has turned hard and what have you done to overcome that hardship?

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