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Goals for the last quarter of 2021

I'm going to go straight up to my goals for quarter 4 of 2021.

Moving back home took most of my quarter 3 and I did a bad job at setting realistic goals for that quarter hence I ended up not achieving much besides learning to set realistic goals for myself.

My first and most important goal is to write and edit Estefanía's books. My outcome goal attached to this writing goal is to have it ready to submit to Author Mentor Match 2022 or to start querying around Spring 2022.

And this is the goal that has the utmost priority, besides my health goal. I give myself full permission not to achieve the other goals to make space for my writing goal. I'm trying really hard to make writing and my author career dream a priority every day. So if most of my blogs ended up being about writing-related topics is because I'm breathing, living & dreaming my writer's life.

As for my second goal, I have it related to my social media platforms. I want to increase both the following and the engagement. I'm being a little more intentional with the content I create and share on my social media. I'm also working on streamlining it all while keeping in mind each platform responds to content differently. I'm only tracking numbers at the beginning and at the end of the quarter. That way I can concentrate on the actual content and engaging with people instead of stressing over numbers that will always fluctuate but building friendships with fellow authors and readers will last a lot longer than the numbers.

My third goal is the health goal. If weight triggers you this is a section I suggest you skip plus is not going to be a big section. So I simply wrote lose weight with a good better and best numbers but the reason I did this goal this way it is because I know when I get into a healthy lifestyle routine I lose weight. I hate exercising, I'm a huge homebody, I'm a super picky eater (vegetables are the devil) so for me having a healthy lifestyle gets tricky. Things like feeling better after a workout, sleeping better at night, fewer cravings, etc are things I can't use to track if I achieved a health goal because it doesn't work for me since I've never felt good after a workout, I have no problem sleeping, I very rarely have cravings so the classic ways to track health goals that people use to avoid using weight (because it triggers them) doesn't work for me. So I'll just let the numbers do the tracking.

My fourth and last goal is related to my Virtual Assistant and my Diversity Reader business. I know the number of hours I can dedicate to each one for this quarter and I hope to fill it. I set up too good, better, and best numbers to have a way to track this goal. I actually need to find a way to talk about both business venues without feeling bad about it and in a way that is natural for me. It helps that my VA work has a dedicated social media presence which I'm proud of how it has been growing and I look forward to all the different things I could share through those platforms. But my diverse reader work would have to depend on my author's social media platforms and I'm hesitant since the community has been burned by so many people who say they are writers but they just want access to us to sell us things. I have to work on getting over that.

But again writing is the most important goal so if I ended up not achieving any of the other three goals I won't feel bad about it (not even the not losing weight because I know I'm using the number to know if I'm really making efforts to have a healthy lifestyle and I know making lifestyle changes takes more than just three months).

I feel like this post is a little all over the place. I think is because I'm pretty much just mentioning what are my goals and some of the reasons behind the goals but I'm not giving any specific numbers. I may share specifics in my newsletter though.

So after this crazy post about my goals here are my question(s) to you:

Do you have goals per quarter? And if you do what is the most important goal for you this quarter? If you set goals in a different way (monthly, every six months, once a year) please share with me the most important goal that you are working towards.

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