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Q-1goals, projects, and tasks (better late than never)

I'll try to keep this blog post short and to the point because I'm sharing my quarter one goals when we are well into half through the quarter and I don't want to take your precious and valuable time.

If you are more into watching the video version of this post feel free to press play:

If you are more into reading or skimming through them then without further ado; here are my Quarter One goals, projects, and tasks for the year 2022.

Goal one: Writing

Project One: Estefanía'z book

Finish re-writes and revisions by the end of the quarter* (the asterisk is there so I don't punish myself if I don't finish it)

Tasks: Finish revisions of the first fours chapters based on my critique partners comments left.

Finish re-writes of chapter 5.

Finish re-writes of act one (roughly a couple of chapters left to re-write).

Start re-writes of act two.

Project Two: Zero draft a romance

I'll be drafting this through February as my Escribelo Boricua project for our light challenge.

Tasks: Outline novel during the last week of January.

Fast, dirty, daft through February (21 writing days after I take all the commitments and giving myself some sick days just in case).

Project Three: Social Media aka Put meaningful content

This is a goal hard to measure so I really didn't make any tasks besides my content calendars and those I can't share. I think my brain sees the content calendar as the task for this project.

Goal Two: Helpful Esther

Project one: Website Building Courses

Finish completely one of the courses I already bought.

Task: Finish the lessons of the three sections I have left (14 videos)

Project Two: Social Media Content

Keep posting regularly (spoiler alert: I'm already failing this goal)

Tasks: Again this is where I can't share my tasks because that would mean I'll be sharing the content calendar for the entire quarter.

Goal Three: Personal

Project One: Strengthen Back

To do exercises that will strengthen my back to ease the pain I currently have.

Tasks: Do one of the video exercises while at work.

Do another video at night every day.

Project Two: Do what I love

To do the things that I want to do and/or love to do without denying me of it.

Tasks: Reading books (I have listed Vicious, which I already finished, You should see me in a Crown and Loving Lena)

Read Fanfiction. I have a specific one that is over 300k words as a fun challenge.

Writing Fanfiction. There are two specific wips I'm working on but I do give myself the space to write short fanfiction when I feel inspired to.

Movie and series watching: Finish Lucifer, S2 of The Witcher, S2 of Discovery of Witches, The Witch's Diner, So I Married the anti-fan (k-drama), Finish Crash landing, Wonder Woman 1984, Oblivion, Ready Player One, All my life, All of the LotR Extended Editions, Studio Ghibli movies (I want to re-watch Ponyo). Pretty much watch a lot of the things I didn't let myself watch last year.

Those are my quarter one goals, projects, and tasks. If you do quarterly goals share them with me in the comment section. Thank you for reading and hopefully, I will report back with at least half of that long list done!

Read you on down in the comments or on the next post.

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